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This is about collaborative research and innovation undertaken by participants from multiple countries.

Research, development and Innovation in a range of technologies is encouraged and funded by The European Commission:

From January 2014 the Commission's combined Research and Innovation scheme is Horizon 2020

This site is an unofficial resource
primarily addressing the Information & Communications Technologies core research area together with
the now widened Future and Emerging Technologies domain.

Support for UK Organisations is provided by the UK National Contact Point (NCP), which can provide general and specific advice on

The National Contact Point is provided through InnovateUK.

Georgios Papadakis is now the ICT/FET National Contact for ICT 


George and Peter  have a Functional Mailbox:  ncp-ict-fet@innovateuk.gov.uk   which you are encouraged to use for enquiries

George Papadakis
e-mail address: georgios.papadakis@innovateuk.gov.uk

Mobile: +44(0)7824626788

e-mail: ncp-ict-fet@innovateuk.gov.uk
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