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Collaboration is at the root of these opportunities which have been created by The European Commission and funded by it.

The Horizon 2020 (H2020) scheme aims to support not only Research projects but Innovation ones as well
Thus H2020 has the capability of providing funding closer to market than has been the case in the predecessor
Framework 7 programme, which ended with December 2013. 

The new programme aims to be less bureaucratic and to provide shorter time to between proposal and project start than its predecessors.

Many newcomers are attracted to these schemes because they have heard of the financial support available.
Becoming involved  'for the money' is generally a bad place to start, ending in disappointment - or worse.

The principal opportunity here revolves around the collaboration which the scheme enables.
[The vast majority of funded projects will involve at least three independent partners from different member states or associated countries.]

A participant with has a particular skill can bring it to bear upon a problem which they could not address alone. 
Necessary / missing  skills / knowledge will be brought by their partners to the project.
This provides for benefit for the consortium by enabling things which none of the partners could achieve alone.

In collaborating a participant may benefit in a number of ways

14 Basic facts for serious newcomers
- using probably
The worst Powerpoint in the world

Serial participants describe their reasons for participation

Proposals have to be submitted by a specific time and date. These are evaluated against  published criteria. Negotiation of a Grant Agreement follows for successful applications. [roughly one in 7]. Projects start around 8 months after the close date, this is followed by a substantial 'up front payment' and periodic reviews.

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